About Us
Our Love Affair with the Newfoundland Dog began back in the fall of  2000 and only grows stronger with each year that passes.
Freddy with  Us  in South Dakota.


About Us

About Us

Our love affair with the Newfoundland dog began 13 years ago when we emigrated from New Zealand with our two daughters , a  Doberman and a feisty little cat. 

Having nowhere to call home for 6 months we had to put our dog and cat into a boarding kennel until we could take them to a home.

We arrived at the beginning of Summer so our girls had a chance to  settle into a different way of life and get to know their new country a bit before starting school in September. At least they were on the same footing as the other children with the start of the new school year.

I, on the other hand was suddenly left high and dry. We were living at a trailer park by then and with the girls in school, my husband at work and a 30 minute drive from Barrie to the trailer then back into town each day to pick up the girls, I had nothing to do all day and nowhere to go except sit in my truck and wait.

One morning while driving down the highway taking the girls to school, I had a sudden revelation.  Every day we drove past the turnoff to the boarding kennel. It takes alot of work to run a kennel doesn't it? I decided to stop in after dropping the girls off and check out the chances of having something to do.  

A whole new world was about to open up to me and in that world were 6 of the biggest, blackest, most beautiful dogs I had ever seen in my life. I had died and gone to heaven.

So began our new life in a new country. Along with our new life was a new love affair, Canada's own 'NEWFOUNDLAND DOG'.  The rest as they say is history. We have embraced this most Majestic animal with all our hearts and turned them into a lifestyle. Oh and what a lifestyle!     

Now we want everyone to experience the Love, Devotion, Fun and Gentleness of this most gentle of all giants.

Chris and Glenda 

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